Vision Deep fly reel review

Why Deep? Well that was my first question.

The answer is a simple one – the reel is a sort of large arbour, but it’s not! confused, well don’t be as the concept of this reel is simple yet clever.

There are occasions when you want a load of backing and others when you simple will not get a fly line, yet alone backing, on a traditional large arbour reel. e.g. a distance line like the Snowbee XS Extreme Distance is  a whopping 150 ft long, or a Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Nymph has a diameter such that it takes up a lot of room on a reel. These lines will not fit comfortably on a large arbour reel with a reasonable amount of backing.

Enter the Deep. Now this reel (looked at in section) has a deep (hence the name) groove to accommodate extra backing or some of the running line of your fly line. Brilliant! I use a few lines where I’ve been unable to have more than a couple of metres of backing because the reel spool is not designed for these specialist lines.

The Deep is a cast aluminium, machine finished, reel. It looks good, very good, and is available in white, grey and black. It’s very reasonably priced, has a great disc drag and, for me, is the answer to the ever-present problem of how to house a specialist line on a large arbour reel. Well done those very clever people at Vision.

A great reel for specialist lines


About Snowdonia Fly Fishing Guides

I am a fly fishing guide and instructor and run a small fly fishing service in Snowdonia, North Wales, specialising in wild brown trout, sea trout and saltwater fly fishing.
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